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Show # 19 – 2018

Our nineteenth show we really changed our format for this episode. We did an episode dedicated to a question and answer segment to catch up. Some questions include “how fast have you gone in your patrol car”, and “Have come cops discriminate”, as well as does the media dictate police actions.  We were also asked why police don’t just keep their body-worn cameras on the whole shift, as if they are hiding something.  We also answer questions about civilian review boards, vehicle pursuits, and what a cop can see from your vehicle tag.  These are just come of the questions. We also address the SC president of the NAACP and our disgust for this man.

Show # 18 – 2018

Our eighteenth show talks about the police arrest at the Waffle House in NC.  We also talk about Police Week, Electronic Monitoring Units, and Police Officer who was SHOT IN THE HEAD on-duty and is fighting to get medical expenses paid for.  We also went international and talk about the brutal bombings in Surabaya involving young children.

Show # 17 – 2018

Our seventeenth show we strayed from the usual. We do talk about an officer shooting and a DWI received by an officer, but we also talk about education and its impact on Society. Do students need a college education? Some studies came out that were just mind-blowing. We also cover some rather humorous topics.

Show # 16 – 2018

Our Sixteenth show had some great topics and was VERY BUSY!  We covered the NJ Port Authority woman who invaded a traffic stop and was eventually fired. We also covered the cop killer in Maine who then stole a police car and robbed a business, and is still at-large. We pay our respects to the Dallas Officers. We also covered the release of a video the shows an employee from the TV show “COPS” shot and killed and how ridiculous it was to release the video! We also had to go into detail about the Toronto incident as well and last, how often Police Officers un-holster their guns.

Show # 15 (2018)

Our fifteenth show is a very personal one. I think it’s the first show where both hosts shed a tear or two.  We cover a teen left to die in a car, the Wal-Mart police shooting, and the MS-13 threatening law enforcement. We also cover a church who refuses to use police, Illinois replacing SRO’s with Social Workers, Florida cops being shot while enjoying lunch, Trump’s executive order, and some of my worst incidents as a cop. The most important is the closing of the show where I pay tribute to my mom who died just five months ago.

Show # 14 – 2018

Our fourteenth show is one for the books.  TRAVIS COLE tells part 2 of his story from show # 11. If you thought part 1 was incredible, wait until you hear this. You will really understand how politics can hurt a police force. Travis Cole was a top-notch Officer who was a victim of the media and local city council.  NOW YOU FINALLY GET TO HEAR THE TRUTH.  Existing warrants, resisting, additional arrests, were all left out of the media.

Show # 13 – 2018

Our thirteenth show includes special guest Travis Cole for a segment on the Starbucks incident. We then talk about dirty cops, police field training, First Responder stress and PTSD, Society is now dictating police actions (not good), and law enforcement suicide rates and VERY personal details.

Show # 12 – 2018

(NEW) – Our twelfth show (sorry about the delay due to tech issues), first focuses on the use of force in Asheville, NC and the arrest of the Officer that followed. Then we bring up the topic of Deerfield, IL, where they created a city ordinance to make almost all guns illegal. We also debate proactive policing and how truly important it is. We also discuss Marijuana use to replace Opiates. Last, we finally get to one of the many questions sent in which covers Officers charged with DWI.

Show # 11 – 2018

This eleventh show is truly incredible. For the first time since our hiatus, we had 3 people in-studio. TRAVIS COLE, former Police Officer, joined in as we discussed Adult and Juvenile Mental Commitments, a local Officer-Involved Shooting, and had planned on covering several other topics. Travis Cole went into detail about his first incident with brothers in-which the Media, Chief, many Citizens, and Rev Nelson Johnson were involved in his disciplinary decision, which to most was ridiculous.  His story was so good and detailed we had to leave topics on the table for next show. Travis has agreed to return to our show for Part 2 where he describes an EVEN BIGGER incident which lead to his resignation, which was also forced and misrepresented (with video to prove it).