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Show # 27 – 2018

This show includes a certain type of driving, “does one cop make his team look bad”, and we also discuss Rodney King. We were also bombarded on social media with the statement “all cops are bad.”  We stayed away from headlines and discussed topics which here trending this week.

Show # 26 – 2018

Back from our time off, we talk about the nations concern with K9’s in law enforcement.  We also discuss a viral video of a man losing control in a restaurant and how police handled the incident.  Another important topic we discuss is driving a vehicle, as a civilian and as an officer.  As usual, we go off-topic and discuss many other issues and events.


Best Of – 2018

Show from 2015. We had to do a “Best Of” according to producers, and we picked the first time our host, J.G. DeYoung and other callers called the show. WOW! It is amazing how they knew what was coming 3 years ago. They called it before it became famous! Additional callers as well. This was our most listened to show in 2015 with 2.5 thousand listeners. You need to hear this!

Again, J.G. DeYoung predicted the future. Other callers as well.

-Turn back the clock!

Show # 25 – 2018


1. Newark, NJ Uses Citizens to Help Watch Live Surveillance Videos

2. Shoplifter Fatally Shot After Driving Towards Officer

3. Intense Highway Patrol Vehicle Pursuit (Video Below)

4. Monkey Business

5. What Makes a Good Supervisor

6. Q&A

Show # 24 – 2018

1. Jeff returns

2. Respect for Veterans

3. Socioeconomic Issues & Crime

4. Reasonable Suspicion – How a 911 Caller Can Help

5. Police Brutality in Mesa, Arizona

6. Texting/Calling While Driving – GA Adapts

7. Dispatchers and their work

8. Q&A Session


Show # 23 – 2018

Topics: 1. Officer hits suspect with patrol car. 2. Facebook Live hanging. 3. FBI agents shoots someone while dancing. 4. Three dead people found dead off simple traffic stop. 5. Many call for cops to stop being using preventative strategies. 6. Social media attack against our hosts. 7. Q&A

Show # 22 – 2018

NEW SHOW! For our twenty-second show, I had to host SOLO due to Jeff dealing with personal issues. Jeff will be back for the next show. I cover a bill for teachers having guns in school and ARREST MISDEMEANOR AND FELONY POWERS. I also cover a civil/criminal officer involved shooting, killing a father, where the family was awarded FOUR DOLLARS! I then move onto the viral video of the woman in NJ arrested on the beach with police using force. Jeff drops in with some sounds clips and of course our Q&A segment. Last, a great stand-up routine by comic Bill Burr about guns.

Show # 21

Our twenty-first show talks about the North Carolina Trooper killed in a vehicle pursuit and pursuits in general, and the Mississippi traffic stop to avoid a checkpoint which ended poorly to say the least.  We also give our opinion on the traffic stop in Kansas City where a cop thought tree debris on the exterior of a vehicle was marijuana and initiated a traffic stop.  Additionally, should cop killers get the death penalty or a chance at parole? Last, we handle a VICIOUS Q&A segment.