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Show # 28 (2020) – Where have we been?!  Buckle up…

Show # 27 – This show includes a certain type of driving, “does one cop make his team look bad”, and we also discuss Rodney King. We were also bombarded on social media with the statement “all cops are bad.”  We stayed away from headlines and discussed topics which here trending this week.

Show # 26 – Back from our time off, we talk about the nations concern with K9’s in law enforcement.  We also discuss a viral video of a man losing control in a restaurant and how police handled the incident.  Another important topic we discuss is driving a vehicle, as a civilian and as an officer.  As usual, we go off-topic and discuss many other issues and events.

A show from 2015.  We had to do a “Best Of” according to producers, and we picked the first time our host, J.G. DeYoung and other callers called the show.  WOW!  It is amazing how they knew what was coming 3 years ago.  They called it before it became famous!  Additional callers as well.  This was our most listened to show in 2015 with 2.5 thousand listeners.  You need to hear this!

SHOW # 25 TOPICS – 1. Newark, NJ Uses Citizens to Help Watch Live Surveillance Videos   2. Shoplifter Fatally Shot After Driving Towards Officer   3. Intense Highway Patrol Vehicle Pursuit (Video Below)   4. Monkey Business   5. What Makes a Good Supervisor   6. Q&A

SHOW # 24 – TOPICS:   1. Jeff returns   2. Respect for Veterans   3. Socioeconomic Issues & Crime   4. Reasonable Suspicion – How a 911 Caller Can Help   5. Police Brutality in Mesa, Arizona   6. Texting/Calling While Driving – GA Adapts   7. Dispatchers and their work   8. Q&A Session

SHOW # 23 – Topics: 1. Officer hits suspect with patrol car (VIDEO BELOW). 2. Facebook Live hanging. 3. FBI agents shoots someone while dancing. 4. Three dead people found dead off simple traffic stop. 5. Many call for cops to stop being using preventative strategies. 6. Social media attack against our hosts. 7. Q&A

For our twenty-second show, I had to host solo due to Jeff dealing with personal issues.  Jeff will be back for the next show.  I cover a bill for teachers having guns in school and ARREST MISDEMEANOR AND FELONY POWERS. I also cover a civil/criminal officer involved shooting, killing a father, where the family was awarded FOUR DOLLARS! I then move onto the viral video of the woman in NJ arrested on the beach with police using force (Video Below). Jeff drops in with some sounds clips and of course our Q&A segment.  Last, a great stand-up routine by comic Bill Burr about guns.

Our twenty-first show talks about the North Carolina Trooper killed in a vehicle pursuit and pursuits in general, and the Mississippi traffic stop to avoid a checkpoint which ended poorly to say the least.  We also give our opinion on the traffic stop in Kansas City where a cop thought tree debris on the exterior of a vehicle was marijuana and initiated a traffic stop (VIDEO DIRECTLY BELOW).  Additionally, should cop killers get the death penalty or a chance at parole? Last, we handle a VICIOUS Q&A segment.

Our twentieth shows focuses on relationships at home, physical fitness an issue for police, Supervisors (good & bad), joining groups against Police with good outcomes, news, a heated debate, and Q&A. Our fastest, busiest show yet!

Our nineteenth show we really changed our format for this episode. We did an episode dedicated to a question and answer segment to catch up. Some questions include “how fast have you gone in your patrol car”, and “Have come cops discriminate”, as well as does the media dictate police actions.  We were also asked why police don’t just keep their body-worn cameras on the whole shift, as if they are hiding something.  We also answer questions about civilian review boards, vehicle pursuits, and what a cop can see from your vehicle tag.  These are just some of the questions. We also address the SC president of the NAACP and our disgust for this man.

(BONUS) Our eighteenth show talks about the police arrest at the Waffle House in NC.  We also talk about Police Week, Electronic Monitoring Units, and Police Officer who was SHOT IN THE HEAD on-duty and is fighting to get medical expenses paid for.  We also went international and talk about the brutal bombings in Surabaya involving young children.


Our seventeenth show we strayed from the usual. We do talk about an officer shooting and a DWI received by an officer, but we also talk about education and its impact on Society. Do students need a college education? Some studies came out that were just mind-blowing. We also cover some rather humorous topics.

Our Sixteenth show had some great topics and was VERY BUSY!  We covered the NJ Port Authority woman who invaded a traffic stop and was eventually fired. We also covered the cop killer in Maine who then stole a police car and robbed a business, and is still at-large. We pay our respects to the Dallas Officers. We also covered the release of a video the shows an employee from the TV show “COPS” shot and killed and how ridiculous it was to release the video! We also had to go into detail about the Toronto incident as well and last, how often Police Officers un-holster their guns.

Our fifteenth show is a very personal one. I think it’s the first show where both hosts shed a tear or two.  We cover a teen left to die in a car, the Wal-Mart police shooting, and the MS-13 threatening law enforcement. We also cover a church who refuses to use police, Illinois replacing SRO’s with Social Workers, Florida cops being shot while enjoying lunch, Trump’s executive order, and some of my worst incidents as a cop. The most important is the closing of the show where I pay tribute to my mom who died just five months ago.

Our fourteenth show is one for the books.  TRAVIS COLE tells part 2 of his story from show # 11. If you thought part 1 was incredible, wait until you hear this. You will really understand how politics can hurt a police force. Travis Cole was a top-notch Officer who was a victim of the media and local city council.  NOW YOU FINALLY GET TO HEAR THE TRUTH.  Existing warrants, resisting, additional arrests, were all left out of the media.

cole incidentwatch video

Click to watch Travis Cole’s entire incident mentioned in the above show

(NEW – BONUS SHOW) – Laughs, laughs, and more laughs.  Question and answer segment as well.  We told our craziest and outlandish stories.  NOT our usual format.

Our thirteenth show includes special guest Travis Cole for a segment on the Starbucks incident. We then talk about dirty cops, police field training, First Responder stress and PTSD, Society is now dictating police actions (not good), and law enforcement suicide rates and VERY personal details.Our twelfth show (sorry about the delay due to tech issues), first focuses on the use of force in Asheville, NC and the arrest of the Officer that followed (Click Here for Video). Then we bring up the topic of Deerfield, IL, where they created a city ordinance to make almost all guns illegal. We also debate proactive policing and how truly important it is. We also discuss Marijuana use to replace Opiates. Last, we finally get to one of the many questions sent in which covers Officers charged with DWI.

This eleventh show is truly incredible. For the first time since our hiatus, we had 3 people in-studio. TRAVIS COLE, former Police Officer, joined in as we discussed Adult and Juvenile Mental Commitments, a local Officer-Involved Shooting, and had planned on covering several other topics. Travis Cole went into detail about his first incident with brothers in-which the Media, Chief, many Citizens, and Rev Nelson Johnson were involved in his disciplinary decision, which to most was ridiculous.  His story was so good and detailed we had to leave topics on the table for next show. Travis has agreed to return to our show for Part 2 where he describes an EVEN BIGGER incident which lead to his resignation, which was also forced and misrepresented (with video to prove it).Click Play to ListenShow # 11 – 2018

Our tenth show covered so many topics!! – French Police Hero, Deaf Sworn Officer Hired (Exclusive interview coming), Police Good Deeds This Awful Winter, SACRAMENTO SHOOTING (Unarmed man), Minnesota Officer Formally Charged, Line of Duty Recent Deaths, LEGAL MARIJUANA CARD HOLDER NOT ALLOWED TO OWN/PURCHASE FIREARMS, Police Driving, Police Week, and HUMAN TRAFFICKING (more to come). Of course, our own comedy and experiences as well. HILARIOUS SONG IN THE MIDDLE (From Listener).

Click Play to Listen

Show # 10 -2018

Our ninth show includes topics such as student protests, Officer’s schedule, school shooting, OFFICER RETENTION, PILL THEFT FROM TRUSTED SOURCES, city council, and much more. Our most produced show yet. Our team feels this is our best show so far.Click Play to ListenShow # 9 – 2018 Our eighth show. Discussions and debates include the Ohio student suspended for not protesting, positive LEO incidents, Officer KIDNAPPED during a traffic stop, CITIZEN REVIEW BOARDS, and leaving your children in your vehicle. A special thanks at the end to a very special Officer and humanitarian.Click Play to ListenShow # 8 -2018
Our seventh show. We cover so many topics it’s impossible to list them all here. Listen to the show and we think you’ll learn a lot about good and bad cops, and some instructions for civilians.Click Play to ListenShow # 7 – 2018Our sixth show cover a sensitive topic.  We discuss sexual harassment and rape. The statistics behind these terrible crimes even amazed us. We discuss how to try and prevent such an incident, what to do if such a crime does occur, and our own police related incidents attached to such heinous calls. We also talk about the Florida mass shooting and Officer deaths…some which made us tear up.Although very serious topics, we try to add our own comedy to try and relate to the public. The intro song speaks for itself (at my expense).Click play to listenShow # 6 – 2018The Public Really Needs To Listen & Watch the VideosOur fifth show is by far our most important.  We talk, in-depth, what it is like for an Officer to shoot under several different conditions. We also discuss OC spray (Pepper Spray), and the Taser. The day before we headed to a range and utilized all the tools mentioned above under different scenarios. The question of “Why can’t you shoot someone in the leg” or “Why couldn’t the Officer just use a Taser” just name a few…..are finally answered.  PLEASE LISTEN TO THE SHOW FIRST BEFORE VIEWING ALL THE VIDEOS BELOW.This show took a skilled team to put together when the video element was added. THANK YOU to our sponsor North State Security Group for giving us everything we needed, Chief Comer, LT. Bowles, and the many others that worked with us on this.*Please note that we had a certified EMT, Certified Instructor, and many other skilled people to assist us.  Do not attempt any of this without proper training and certified instructors*Click to ListenShow # 5 – 2018Video – Bloch Shooting 10 Yards Away – No PressureVideo – Bloch Shooting 10 Yards Away – Added PressureVideo – DeYoung Shooting 10 Yards Away – No PressureVideo – DeYoung Shooting 10 Yards Away – Added PressureVideo – Bloch Shooting 25 Yards Away – No PressureVideo – Bloch Shooting 25 Yards Away – Added PressureVideo – DeYoung Shooting 25 Yards Away – No PressureVideo – DeYoung Shooting 25 Yards Away – Added PressureVideo – DeYoung Shooting – ShotgunVideo – Bloch Shooting 3 Yards Away – DisorientedVideo – Bloch Shooting – Gun in Suspect’s Hand – Added PressureVideo – Bloch Tased – Full SpreadVideo – Bloch Tased – Small SpreadVideo – Bloch OC (Pepper) Sprayed – View From Officer’s Body-Worn CameraVideo – Bloch OC (Pepper) Sprayed – View From a Different AngleOur New Sponsor!!North State Security GroupClick Here To Learn More Our fourth show covers a wide variety of topics and surprise announcements. We discuss some frustrated listeners, more of the Florida school shooting, and our concern with officers killed in the line of duty. We also talk about the narcotic epidemic, as well as what to do when your home is burglarized. Last, we announce an event that will truly educate society and certain items officers use on their belt which will take place and be recorded on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018.  The video will be available for the next show.Click to ListenShow # 4 – 2018 Our third show includes covering the truth behind the allegations of assault by a substitute teacher, dirty detectives in Baltimore, and the laws behind releasing body-worn cameras in the state of North Carolina and my lawsuit.  We also cover different ideas to protect schools, NYPD officers have sex with a woman in-custody (36 states have a written law that this is acceptable), jury awards 37 million dollars to a family because a cop shot and killed a family member while a shotgun was pointed at him (Cop was found to be within reason to shoot), and a great Q&A session.  VERY FULL SHOW!Click to ListenShow # 3 – 2018 Our second show which will now be every Monday.  This show covers school shooting and arming teachers, the release from prison of a cop killer from Winston-Salem, giving the police a middle finger, probable cause vs. reasonable suspicion, quality of recruits, personal story from two days earlier of being spit on at a local school while in uniform, and my choice to sue the city.Click to ListenShow # 2 – 2018 Our First show back since my contract expired from 2015. Jeff DeYoung (now permanent host) cover the Florida shooting, in depth, and the process of writing our book….and more. Not our usual kind of show, but a must listen.  Enjoy!Click to listenShow # 1 – 2018 dixon with us unclearNYC Crime Report with Jeff DeYoung and Tim Bloch (Great interview in NYC studio)  Book Cover - Itunes amazon logo (good)CLICK HERE TO PURCHASEBook Readers – Timothy Bloch Shooting VideoBook Readers – Travis Cole Incident VideoAuthor Jeffrey DeYoung during his first years as a COPDeyoung TaylorAuthor Timothy Bloch towards the end of his career:me id picThis site supports our book “Policing in Black and White.” The site will also feature a weekly radio show about cops and the citizens of America.  It is not about a cop preaching his beliefs.  It’s about people asking questions and voicing their opinions about hot and sensitive topics related to law enforcement.  There is no other show like it!! You will hear some very heated debates and arguments along the way. You get to tell actual cops what you think and feel…nothing is off limits.  It’s a Howard Stern meets Cops meets CNN type of show.17th Show (New) – Mr. Hutchinson walks into a police station and ends up dying.  The media blames the police.  I explain why this is absurd and based on current trends.  Comedy, headlines, Q&A, and more.  Don’t trust the media.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euJ4oahjqEI – THE EDITED VIDEO BY THE MEDIA16th Show – Are police racist, or is our judicial system flawed?  Listen as we talk real numbers and statistics.  We hit the streets and talk to the homeless and drug addicts.  You’ll hear things you have spent your whole life avoiding!15th Show – Host TJ Bloch talks about the importance and issues with police uniforms, speeders and how police radar works, are radar detectors worth it, Q&A, and much more! 14th Show – A first for us, three people in-studio.  This is by far the best show yet.  We all discuss law enforcement training, racism, communications, state vs federal laws, The Black Panthers, and so much more.  A Great listen for Police and Society!****Is this officer in the wrong during this Ohio traffic stop where he shot the driver in the head?**** Click this link to watch13th Show (New) – Former Female Officer Marrow in-studio and we discuss policing as a female (Women – a must listen), racism, the academy, the Samuel Dubose traffic stop & shooting, and MUCH more.  A very diverse and entertaining show.**LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED – SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE AND TOPICS** 12th Show – From a black perspective (co-host), Do cops cover for one another? Are body cameras worth it? What happened to community policing? We also discuss the media, slavery, and Sandra bland.  Don’t miss this show from a totally different view.11th Show – Listen as we talk about the Sandra Bland case and her suicide, a special guest caller, and our stance on SHOULD OFFICERS BE DRUG TESTED AFTER A SHOOTING.  This is a great lesson for society and I hope plenty of cops listen and comment as well.**Please watch the video (at least the first 10 minutes) associated to to the above mentioned Sandra Bland case before listening to the show** http://www.wired.com/2015/07/sandra-blands-arrest-footage-shows-fallible-video-can/10th Show – This is our most produced show yet.  We hit the streets and talk to the homeless, talk about July 4th violence, and issues in Baltimore.  This is our proudest show and a must listen!9th – Listen as host T.J. Bloch talks about the South Carolina Shooting and policing as a whole.  He also touches on his own issuesBonus Call – Our Interview With Mr. Warren Redlich (Our biggest moment yet) – Click here for full story –(Creator of recent national news attached to beating DWI checkpoints (Spoke to us the same day he was on NBC, CNN, and every major news network)This is our biggest moment yet.  Attorney Redlich took the time to speak with us between his stops with NBC, CBS, and many other networks.  Mr. Redlich discussed his DWI checkpoint “sign” and how he came to the idea.  Host T.J. Bloch raises his concerns from his experience has a police officer.  Mr. Redlich is a lawyer and politician from Guilderland, New York. In 2004 and 2006, Redlich ran for US Congress for the 21st District of New York State as a Republican. In 2005, he briefly served as the Political Director of the Libertarian Party of New York.8th Show – DWI Checkpoints (related to above Bonus Call)By far our best show yet!  A special guest host, Jeff DeYoung, stops in studio to add his twenty-three years of police experience.  We go into great detail as we discuss police checkpoints.  We also discuss Attorney Warren Redlich’s viral video on how to beat checkpoints.7th Show – F*** the Media6th Show – The Hiring Process and Academy5th Show – The Worst Epidemic…EverBonus (New) – Phone Call Featuring Attorney Schoch in Response to My Shooting **(Read First)**4th Show – A Divided Country, Government Housing, Phone calls, and more…3rd Show – Phone Calls, Officer Involved Shootings, Racism2nd Show – NYPD Shooting, Q&A, and more…pollpodcastThere is NOTHING we won’t talk about.  This show is about YOU, and what you want to discuss with police officers.  We cover topics such as rape, racism, gang violence and everything else connected to law enforcement.  We also discuss headlines such as Ferguson and the Garner case.  Bill Cosby, marijuana laws, police brutality, are examples of headlines we talk about.  You get to hear from cops, society, felons, attorneys, judges, and anyone else who’s worth listening to.  Live calls, answers to your questions, and a place to argue your beliefs.you tubeListen to our podcast above, on YouTube to the left, or on the Facebook Logoattached pages and enjoy!  This is the start of something pretty amazing and crazy at the same time.itunes png



12 thoughts on “We Want to Bring Police and Society Closer Together

  1. ConcernedOfficer

    As an officer and understanding all of our “responsibilities” to society, my question is what about societies responsibilities to us? When is society brought to task? We don’t prosecute false reports on officers because “it may inhibit future reports of misconduct”. We are generally second guessed, underpaid, over stressed, etc. at what point do we as officers “fight back” for our rights? When do our lives matter? Right now police are getting a big kick in the nuts for doing the job RIGHT! What if (when) one of us screws up? It reminds me of my favorite slogan, “don’t like police? Next time call a crackhead”.


    1. alfred

      99.% of police are liars. And the one 1% that is good officer liar for there friends because if they don’t the other 99.% well kill him. that make them 100% liars
      I don’t trust the police and my kids don’t any more because I seen it with my own eyes how they liar for each others. from top down.


      1. Chris

        You’re highly misinformed, good sir. The fact that you believe that shows you don’t do much research. What you see on TV isn’t even 1% of all police encounters with citizens. A lot of what you see on TV has been construed to appear that the officer did something wrong, when in fact, he did his job correctly, but because of some agenda (be it race or gun control, etc), the officer is being made out to be a criminal.

        You don’t have to trust the police, but then again, you don’t have to call us when someone is breaking into your home, someone is driving erratically in your neighborhood where your children play, or your wife beats you. That is your choice. We do our jobs whether you trust and like us or not. But please, if you don’t like us, call your plumber when you’re the victim of a crime.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. equal man

    Some cops may be, the media and internet now are a major force in how things happen and or how they are dealt with. I have a lot of cop friends, and love them. I have also been given an attitude EVERY time I called my pd local pd to a lot of to ask a question or make a complaint about a crime happening. That stuff Pisses me off. There are more good cops than bad, but ALL cops should know the law better than those they are stopping or arresting. No knock warrants also should be made 1000% sure they are where they should be. The police that do wrong things, should be held accountable. That being said. I think police in general need to lay off the holier than thou mentality, and stay faithful to the oath they took. They are too militarized. The bad cops make the good cops look bad. I have seen a lot of cops that have no business being cops, get to be cops. It’s a hard job, but they should know what they sign up for. I still respect them and try to help them whenever i can. Continuing education and throughout career training and counselling may help.


  3. linda kempey

    thank you so much for airing the phone conversation with Mr. Schoch! i thought it was an excellent repartee and highlighted a number of misconceptions about policing, as well
    as including some healthy debate, AND some good ideas that might be worth investigating to make
    a cop’s job easier…and society’s ability to understand a cop’s duties better. the purpose of this venture i think should not be to blame and defend, but to raise concerns, address misconceptions,
    and investigate if/how the concerns should be
    assuaged and/or the cop/public relationship can be
    significantly improved. keep up the good discourse!


  4. alfred

    You said you know that there is bad cop out there. I like to know if you know there is a bad, liar cop out there and your a good police officer should you turn that bad cop in? Then I well said there is good cops out there.


    1. Chris

      I’d like to understand what you meant to say. I assume it’s “you should turn in bad cops.” We do. We want them in our offices as much as you want them responding to your call. They give us a bad name and will be weeded out as fast as we can legally do it.


  5. Jillian

    If you are interested or able to write a letter to the parole board that will be meeting about the killer of Lt. Tise. which was mentioned in the 2/19/2018 podcast, I will be happy to give you the information for that. please email me at jbhutchens@gmail.com


  6. geraldorivera2006

    What the Greensboro Police Department does in District 3 is pretty bad and what they do there is team-up with “people with money” to ruin the lives of “people without money” which will be someone akin to the server at the Golden Corral or the produce guy at Harris Teeter who will never live as well as Kotis Properties or Alston Realty Group–Greensboro developers, the Democrats and police all go on campaigns against people and how they do it is they allow people to come to you endlessly and repeatedly hoping you do or say something illegal, and anything slightly off will be exploited whether you do something about it or not. Community Watch Gail Barger for years slandered and defamed people and the City of Greensboro didn’t give a rat’s ass about it for the city is generally racist. There has been statistical evidence for years on those who can’t get the time of day from local government there–it’s why Barger is also the Community Watch. Barger tagged the occasional “wandering black man”–talk about easy targets–found dirt on a homeowner posting it to as many as possible which made Barger appear a good neighbor and the city pro-active towards undesirables when in truth she is a member of the silver spoons club, a small faction of fools who have probably never once faced a challenge who never missed a meal in their lives nor ever broke a sweat against their will–government ensured they would continue to live that way. That’s it’s job nowadays.

    It’s what the country’s become, so back to the scandal on behalf of the Greensboro Police Department, I took all of my sudden legal troubles–people repeatedly and endlessly coming to the property, Barger taking photos of me to frame me–something the Department helped her pull off “There’s nothing we can do about that!” and my person did they continue to contact me, all of that I took straight to GPDHQ where I was puffed-up on by Sgt. Patterson who Marty Kotis promoted to lieutenant (you have to be careful with Kotis, he went after some blogger he didn’t like but worse he’s a white developer–is why they let him off and why the rest of us get charged and probably worse) during my “appointment” on this very matter Patterson made me out to be the problem when I never went to Barger’s property or Kim Maynard’s either: he was this son-of-a-bitch handy-man–connections in the Department are easy–who kept showing-up at the property line to talk smack–I had both of them Served with County as any one of us would have done. Going to GPDHQ about it only made things worse as Patterson paced the room behavior I initially found odd–I had no idea what these people wanted out of me and what they wanted he was fully aware of so helped them.

    Barger was served right in front of the police by County the Department claiming that never happened when it did as they got out of their cruisers to watch her get served that I witnessed from my front door–County told me they would no longer be a problem and they weren’t–Barger was shocked that the rules would apply to her but Officer Ben Wingfield came to the rescue of the rich and white–he’s from Baltimore so knows which side of town he shouldn’t be in but more importantly which side of town that will welcome his kind; the amount of crap he lied about and tried to sell me would be nothing new, the entirety of which would clog the Web. Chief Hinson ran away from me on all of this when i confronted him in Center City Park but that’s where things get redundant, he’s been a dirt-bag cop long before he told me he’d get Barger out of the Program then left her there for another several years–he’s a property owner, too, you know. It’s amazing I nearly forgot to add the Department coming all the way out to Catawba County but they have several times–it’s not like I have much to lose by running my mouth when they have a ton to lose by assuming I was the produce girl at the Harris Teeter (I think that’s how that goes) Valley Hills Mall their most memorable contact–right-up behind me “You know where Security’s at?!!” and taking off so I would follow them and be charged again or thrown out of the mall–one would think I’d be surprised that they’d come all the way out here but the Department stopped me multiple times to ask me where Rice Toyota and the Coliseum were located. I challenge you to find another PD that’s hounded someone counties away, at the mall identical to people coming to the property endlessly and taking off and to my person until I finally went after one of them but unlike all of them I was charged the Department skipping on the case posting the charge to as many as possible–I think I already covered how the city uses its Community Watch Program. A GPD Detective told me “You know you actually sound you like you know what you’re talking about”–that’s the city’s attitude towards the living other half and the city’s way of doing business with us “Well, uhhh, the Community Watch Program is a private program having nothing to do with the Department.”



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