Show # 5 – 2018

The Public Really Needs To Listen & Watch the Videos

Our fifth show is by far our most important.  We talk, in-depth, what it is like for an Officer to shoot under several different conditions. We also discuss OC spray (Pepper Spray), and the Taser. The day before we headed to a range and utilized all the tools mentioned above under different scenarios. The question of “Why can’t you shoot someone in the leg” or “Why couldn’t the Officer just use a Taser” just name a few…..are finally answered.  PLEASE LISTEN TO THE SHOW FIRST BEFORE VIEWING ALL THE VIDEOS BELOW.

This show took a skilled team to put together when the video element was added. THANK YOU to our sponsor North State Security Group for giving us everything we needed, Chief Comer, LT. Bowles, and the many others that worked with us on this.

*Please note that we had a certified EMT, Certified Instructor, and many other skilled people to assist us.  Do not attempt any of this without proper training and certified instructors*

Click to Listen

Show # 5 – 2018

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