Show # 8

Eighth Show – DWI Checkpoints

By far our best show yet!  A special guest host, Jeff Deyoung, stops in studio to add his twenty-three years of police experience.  We go into great detail as we discuss police checkpoints.  We also discuss Attorney Warren Redlich’s viral video on how to beat checkpoints.

2 thoughts on “Show # 8

  1. Rattlerjake

    More than half of the information you claim on this broadcast is a flat out lie! One in particular is about something that cannot be used in court you can still use as a “hint” of a problem. It’s like a polygraph test which is not admissible evidence in a court, you cannot require a person to take it. Feeling the staple holes on a license is also bullshit, you have no idea if something else punctured that license. Check points are illegal, because you are on a witch hunt to catch people that YOU as a state employee think are violating state law, many of which are blatantly unconstitutional!


    1. policingblackandwhite Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I did not say that all licenses have staple holes from the result of a DWI. If we went to court and used that as our probable cause then we would be laughed out of the court room. It is the totality of the circumstances. Actually, using the “license staple hole” could probably never be used in court. It simply helps us. I will tell any officer to his face that if he initiates sobriety tests solely based on the damaged license then he is dead wrong and unethical.

      Guess what…sometimes checkpoints are, as you described, a witch hunt. Most checkpoints are setup because police are looking for someone in particular or to show visibility in a certain area. So when you say most of the information I claim is false, talk to other officers. They ALL know the “Damaged License” trick. A PBT (portable breathalyzer test) is a tool used in the street, completely legal and used as a “hint” but is not allowed to be used in the courts (varies by state). You say above that “hints” are not legal or allowed. I think you have missed the point of this broadcast, I’m not “saying what should or may happen out there”, I’m telling you what DOES happen out there. SO I don’t know how you can argue experience and factual events. I also need to add that I never worked for the state. City police employees work for the city itself, highway patrol and troopers are state employees.

      However, I do like the fact that you now have a place to discuss such issues you are obviously passionate about. Thank you for listening to the show. Feel free to ask ANYTHING or say WHATEVER you want just as you did today!



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