Show # 5

Show # 5 – The Worst Epidemic…Ever

This show talks about narcotic pain medication or “Pain Pills”.  Host TJ Bloch discusses the fact  that death from simply overdosing on pain medication is not the only way it is killing thousands of people.  During a phone call with a detox facility owner, it becomes apparent that this country needs to take action against this epidemic…and fast.

There is some math during this show.  I know, I know!  This is supposed to be entertainment, not a college course.  The math isn’t hard, but is necessary to understand the problem at-hand.

T.j. Bloch breaks down the more popular pain medications and the fact that they kill  more abusers in a way few people realize.  Here is a very simple “reference guide” you can use if you can’t follow the math during the show.

The most abused pain medication: Hydrocodone (Vicodin) 5 Mg’s/750 Mg’s
Consume ten pills of the above Hydrocodone: 5mg/750mg X 10 = 50 Mg’s/7,500 Mg’s

The reason why there are two numbers for each pill is discussed during the show.  The above is what you need to know to follow host TJ Bloch during the show.  That’s not so bad…right?

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